"MAYAK" is in orbit!

The Mayak satellite on the home straight

Mayak Satellite became the champion among technological projects

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Alexander Shaenko: “You shouldn’t be Elon Musk or work for Roskosmos to invent and launch spacecraft”

Crowdfunding to help Russia in developing space debris prevention technologies

You can see Mayak with your own eyes during the exhibition at the first international business forum INSPACE FORUM

Alexander Shaenko, an engineer: We will light up a sky star made in Russia

Popular bloggers and stars of the House-2 people’s reality show called on their fans to support the Mayak project

Roskosmos. The student’s MSC Mayak to be put into orbit in mid-2016

Mayak to withstand a temperature difference of 125 ° C on the Earth’s orbit

The Mayak space satellite gains altitude

Alexander Shaenko, a space engineer, in Vladivostok: “It is easier to assemble a satellite than to launch it into orbit”

Alexander Shaenko: “Space is new meanings for humanity”

The first Russian crowdfunding satellite to fly into space in 2016

Russian space enthusiasts created the Mayak satellite thanks to the crowdfunding campaign at Boomstarter

A self-finance space flight

The satellite, built with the funds collected by the Internet community, to be launched in 2016

Mayak, the first Russian mini-satellite, to be launched at the end of 2016

Mayak, crowdfunded by Russian people, to be launched into space in one year

The satellite, built in Russia with Internet donations, to be launched in 2016

“We are ordinary people who created a full-fledged spacecraft”

Gutenberg’s Smoking Room presents the Mayak satellite

Presentation of the new Mayak satellite: a live webcast with researchers from Moscow

Russian space enthusiasts will show an “artificial star”