Enroll to the “Modern Cosmonautics” program!

Head of the educational program: ALEKSANDR SHAENKO

Just recently, very few people believed in private astronautics. For a long time after the shutting down of the shuttle program, the USA used Russian vehicles to deliver cargo and astronauts into orbit. The situation has changed with the development of technology; now, there is an opportunity to design and launch private spacecraft, which is proved by example of Elon Musk – the founder of the Space X company.

Today. there is no doubt that the future space exploration depends on the development of the private sector. We set ourselves the goal to prepare high-quality technical specialists, able to act as an engineer-organizer. During the training, you will learn how to build a company from scratch, to gather a team of professionals and organize their work as to bring your project (such as a microsatellite) to the market and to achieve commercial success.

Since September 2015, the Moscow Polytechnic University offer a unique program for training leaders in the modern space industry – such as it became in the 21st century. The competences, that modern Sergey Korolev (or Elon Musk) must possess, include the ability to independently set a comprehensive engineering task, based on the market analysis and the prospects for its development; the ability to gather a team and to find the funds as required for the project implementation. Such a specialist should have experience in developing a project, strategy and production plan, the ability to bring the project to the stage of launching into orbit and to ensure its commercial success.

The graduates of the program will have systemic thinking and leadership qualities, they will gain experience in the creation of flight space vehicles and in economic planning, as well as an experience of organizing a modern enterprise in the space industry.