Thanks to our sponsors!

We have two new goals ahead!Yesterday, thanks to you, we collected the money necessary for testing our Mayak satellite: 1.5 mln rubles. We had no doubt in you for a single day – those who wholeheartedly believes in our project and who are ready to support Mayak. Everyone who supported our project is a member of our team. Thank you!

–However, our campaign does not stop there. We have another 2 weeks to achieve new, no less ambitious goals. There are two of them.The goal worth 2 million rubles is to develop the Mayak version for the Museum of Astronautics. We decided that Mayak can be an excellent educational material for future engineers, so we want to preserve it for the history of the Russian cosmonautics. The museum version will be different from the flight one in that we will present it in section, i.e. in a dissected form. It will be donated to the Museum for free with all documents and an interactive stand to conduct excursions.The goal worth 3 million provides for the development by us of a braking system for extra-large spacecraft. Having collected this money, we will make the design of a universal opening structure for the aerodynamic braking device intended for pulling space vehicles weighing more than 100 kg from an orbit with an altitude of more than 600 km. The design of the device will be based on the Mayak project developments; however, it will have only one task: to pull down a space craft from the orbit, as fast as possible, without the goal of creating a bright star-like object. The design of this system will also be available to the general public, with all information about the Mayak project.We are still waiting for your support. If you have already contributed to our project, tell your friends and family about it. Let the space become closer!