Popular bloggers and stars of the House-2 people’s reality show called on their fans to support the Mayak project

The Mayak space satellite is, above all, a people’s project. In 2014, funds for assembling the satellite were collected by ordinary people through a successful crowdfunding campaign at Boomstarter. Now, when the team is preparing for the second wave of fundraising for orbital launch, Mayak receives support and donations from the people’s favorites.Among those interested in cosmonautics, there are popular bloggers and video bloggers, participants of the House-2 reality show, politicians, and many others.

The Mayak team was happy to receive public support from the participants of House-2: Oleg Panov, Andrey Cherkasov, Darya Pynzar, and Ella Sukhanova. The guys do not hide their positive attitude to Mayak, encouraging their fans to follow their example and support the project: Oleg Panov: “Let’s support our guys – they will launch a satellite so that it burns brighter than all the stars in the sky. I’m in the business! The point is that it has a huge reflector and will become the brightest star in the sky. I think we should help them with likes, reposts, and SMS”.

Andrey Cherkasov: “Let’s support OUR young DOMESTIC scientists! It’s VERY cool! Simple guys are saving the planet from space debris!”.

Videobloggers The Lazurite Gnome, Yaroslav Kosukhin and Masha Novosad, who are popular among young people, are not left behind.Yaroslav Kosukhin: “Dear friends! A very interesting project was launched: young scientists from Russia have developed a satellite that will become the brightest star, and will also help to remove space debris. Now they are collecting money for its launch scheduled for the summer of 2016”.

Masha Novosad: “Send an SMS to number 3443 with the wordMayak, and may the Force be with you, and 35 rubles, with us”.

We thank the guys not only for their material support and participation in the project, but also for their sincere appeal to the fans to support Mayak.We will be glad to see in our star team other representatives of show business, public and political figures, artists and, surely, ordinary people – such as the project team: engineers, enthusiasts and just amateurs of space! Together, we will launch the brightest star in the sky. The first in the world!