The Mayak satellite is the brightest star in the night sky

On July 14, from the Baikonur Spaceport, we launched Mayak – the first crowdfunding spacecraft in the history of Russia, created by young scientists. At night, in clear weather, one can see it as the brightest shooting star.

Aim of the Project

Encouraging the younger generation to explore the space, showing them by our own example that there is nothing impossible.

Yesterday, we had Gagarin, the Moon, and dreams that by 2020 we would spend our summer holidays on Mars.
Today, we have pussy cats in social networks and the idea that space is far and hard.
We realize that if today we don’t arouse the youth’s interest in the space, tomorrow nobody will fly there.
We decided to show by our example that the space exploration can be exciting.

Funds raised for the project implementation.

3 894 584 ₷ Thanks to 3,872 donators and RocketBank

We conducted a crowdfunding campaign and found a partner.

The satellite flies around the globe 16 times a day.

Our donators and all clients of RocketBank can use an app to track its position in real time.

The project was completed
due to the RocketBank’s contribution.

RocketBank gives all its customers the opportunity to follow the satellite in real time through a special app.

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The campaign is held from July 15, 2017 to August 15, 2017. Detailed information about the campaign organizer, rules, number of prizes and rewards following the results of the campaign, the dates, place and procedure for their delivery is available at

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Let’s go down in history together!

You can help us cover the project’s costs. Detailed cost estimates

send an SMS with the word Mayakto the number 3443 to transfer 35 rubles from your account to the Mayak project fund. If you want to donate a larger amount, add the relevant figure in the message after the project name, e.g.:Mayak 200.

Via your mobile

You can choose the appropriate option for online payment through the Yandex cash desk: bank cards, e-money, and other payment methods.

Online payment


Find the nearest QIWI terminal, dial the Mayak project’s phone number: +7 (905) 599-20-10 and transfer money to its account.

QIWI Terminal

When transferring money using any of the suggested methods, you accept the public offer contract.