You can see Mayak with your own eyes during the exhibition at the first international business forum INSPACE FORUM

On March 3 and 4, Moscow will host INSPACE FORUM 2016 – the 1stinternational business forum and an exhibition devoted to commercial cosmonautics. the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center was chosen as the forum venue. The event will bring together representatives of private space businesses, the public sector, and the scientific and technical community within a single space.Thanks to the support of the forum organizers, the Mayak project team will take part in the exhibition for free and will have the opportunity to demonstrate the assembled satellite, which is ready for orbital launch.

Russia has always positioned itself as one of the key players in the global space market. Its long-standing leadership in the field of space services has been traditionally associated with the exclusive role of the state, whereas on the western space market private cosmonautics has been actively developing.Notable examples of activity in this area, from private Western space projects, such as Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and many others, as well as the successful experience of some domestic companies (e.g., Satelliteс and Dauria Aerospace), suggest that the private sector is able to influence the trends in the multimillion-dollar space market.

Despite the Russia’s huge contribution to the history of space exploration and the leading positions of the country in the world service market in this area, the country has never held any open industry events aimed directly at opening the prospects for the commercialization of the outer space.The first step in this direction will be the INSPACE FORUM project – an event that will create a platform for dialogue between the players of the space market on the part of the private space businesses and the government. The ISF 2016 program provides for a two-day conference, which will be divided into the Upstream and Downstream days and include performances of domestic and foreign speakers.

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